Alvaldi lets you remotely access and troubleshoot connected devices, giving you information about the device, and the ability to transfer files and run commands in a terminal.

To use Alvaldi, you need:

  • An Alvaldi account, to log in to the application:
  • An Azure account, with devices in Azure IoT Hub. Device list will be synchronized with Alvaldi.

To install Alvaldi on your devices, they must have:

  • 32-bit ARM (armv6, armv7), 64-bit ARM or x86-64 CPU architecture.
  • The Azure IoT Edge container runtime.
  • At least 11 MiB free storage and memory for the client.

Currently, only Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Edge is supported, but we will introduce more platforms soon. See the FAQ for more information.

To get started with Alvaldi, read our getting started guide.